Drew Haney
Parcel Profile Report
Property investigation requirements, etc. by address (City of Los Angeles)
The purpose of this application is to allow easy access and visual display of city parcel legal and zoning information as a
convenience to our customers.
California State Geologic Hazard Maps
Hazard Maps for Southern California (Liquefaction, Landslides)
These maps will assist cities and counties in fulfilling their responsibilities for protecting the public safety from the effects of
earthquake-triggered ground failure as required by the Seismic Hazards Mapping Act.
Duties of Registered Deputy Inspector
Department of Building and Safety
Section 91.1701.1 of the Building Code requires the use of a Registered Deputy Inspector for certain conditions of use of higher stress,
methods of construction, and for certain grading or foundation earthwork in hillside areas. The purpose of this Information Bulletin
is to clarify the employment criteria and the duties and responsibilities of the Registered Deputy Inspector.
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