Geophysical Surveys

Detailed information of the seafloor and the sub-seabed strata is required for a wide variety of applications. Geophysical surveys are conducted to secure this data to in order assess:

  • Seafloor topography and geomorphology
  • Natural and man-made objects, hazards and obstructions on the seafloor
  • Seafloor and sub-seabed soil conditions
  • Buried natural and man-made objects and features

Novus Geosolutions utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and experienced personnel to perform nearshore and offshore geophysical surveys to present reliable and accurate data and information required for various applications such as:

  • Hazard surveys for clearance of area during 2D and 3D seismic surveys
  • Site surveys at locations for rig positioning, platforms and other marine infrastructure
  • Pre-engineering survey for assessment of platform / jacket sites and pipeline/cable routes, SPMs and other marine infrastructure
  • Pre-construction surveys prior to installation of the subsea infrastructure
  • Post-construction /as-built survey subsequent to the installation of the marine assets
  • Post-con• Route clearance surveys for ships and barges

Typical equipment utilised for conducting geophysical surveys are:

  • Small boat and /or supply vessel
  • Precision DGPS systems
  • Navigation / data acquisition software and systems
  • Tide stations
  • Heave compensators / motion sensors
  • USBL systems for precise positioning of towed sensors
  • Single-beam and multi-beam echosounders
  • Sidescan sonars
  • Sub-bottom profilers – sparker / boomer / pinger systems
  • Marine magnetometers
  • Drop corers and grab samplers