Geotechnical Soil Investigations

Offshore and nearshore geotechnical soil investigations are performed to assess the seabed and sub-seafloor soil conditions and their properties to support the design and engineering of marine structures such as:

  • Platforms, flares, cables, pipelines and associated marine infrastructures
  • Site stability and suitability studies for jack-up rig placements
  • Leg/spudcan penetration analysis for jack-up rigs
  • Seafloor morphology for pipeline / cable routing, dredging and trenching purposes
  • SPM and anchor moorings
  • Offshore wind turbine locations
  • Port development and shipping related infrastructures

  • Drilling rig (PQ3 & Geobor S), in-situ sampling and testing equipment such as SPT, vane and pressure meter testing can be installed on barges and self-elevating platforms to perform the geotechnical boreholes.